Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Goods...

The shelves at the thrift stores have been bare lately so I have been limiting my visits.  The disappointment is to much to bear.  However, this week when the sun came out and the snow began to melt I hit one of my favorites and came out with a few new favorites.  I hope this continues!

A letter box.  Perfectly fits my patterns.  Fantastic old scotch tape dispenser.  I read on another blog how she used these to hold decorative tape.  Never thought of that!  I will be snatching these up now.  Who can leave these frogs behind.  Pristine...and all nestled together, bonus.  

Gnomes or the seven dwarfs?  Not sure on this one.  They are so cute that I couldn't leave them.  The faces are the sweetest and more peach than yellow as the picture shows.  All are tagged made in Japan and wire jointed.

Nursery planters...Whitman child books and kissing angles with rhinestones...yummy.

I never, never, never leave these on the shelf.  At $2.99 they always come home with me.  I can't buy these at Target for this price.  They are the old dime store candy containers.  I love to keep supplies in them.  Anything really.    I have one with a bakelite knob on it as well.  Completely, worth the money for the storage and the vintage look.


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Can't believe you found all that at a thrift store - dismal pickings here at the thrifts (why I like estate sales). I am the same way with those jars - I have a bunch in my studio..charming and great storage!

Nan said...

Renee I have to say I love visiting your blog and thank Elizabeth for turning me onto you. The little gnomes or dwarfs are precious and all the better they are made in Japan. I would have grabbed them up in a second. That container at the bottom the first thing I thought of when seeing it, she could spray paint that lid. Do you do that?

Musings from Kim K. said...

Nicely done. All your goodies are just wonderful. I would have picked up all the exact same items. I can't find flower frogs anymore and when I do, they are ridiculously priced. I can see them all in your studio. We are getting hit with another snow storm but I have spent the afternoon in my craft room sorting pastel Easter items. Happy Sunday!

craftyles said...

Wow, you made quite a haul. Great stuff. I love the plant frogs and the little gnomy guys. Too cute.

Laura said...

Great finds! Our favorites are the gnomes and angels.

Have a lovely week,
Laura and Michele