Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day...I get to spring from the house and volunteer at the school for my daughters Valentine party.  I have been sick for a week and I have a case of cabin fever.   Excitement can hardly be contained and yes the thrift stores are on my list.  But first...
A Valentine for my husband.  I spent my weekend knee deep in household chores because of my sickness last week.  My husband will be out the door well before me and home in time to take one of three to a scout meeting.  My daughter has a dance performance and my oldest son has band at high school.  
So much for romance.
All this aside I am happy to get back to my normal schedule and my normal chores with a little vintage fun thrown in for good measure.  I forgot how wonderful it was to be able to breath..terrible head cold.

On another note, Happy Harris of Happy Loves Rosie is working on a few blog updates for my page this week.  She is just a dream.  I was so happy with the banner she made me that I went back for more.  They should be installed some time this week.  Her blog and store are a wonderful place to lose your self for a few hours if you need a vintage fix.  Thank you Happy!


E said...

Hi Renee,
Love the new look! Happy sure does nice work. I finally took the plunge this weekend and started a blog, hope to see you !
Oh how I miss class parties esp Valentines day, I promise these memories will be cherished Happy Valentines day to you and yours :)

Musings from Kim K. said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope this week brings continued improvement in your health and some antiquing/thrifting and crafting. I've enjoyed our new online friendship.

PS. Nancy LOVED my Chinese New Year Valentine box. Thank you for sharing her tag with me. I also got brave and posted on Elizabeth's Creative Breathing blog and she enjoyed it too and even wrote back on my blog about featuring it. Without you, I would have never found these lovely ladies. HUGS!!

Unknown said...

I am so happy that you are doing my Easter Swap! Can you please email me at, I am going to need your email addy to give your partner! Learning as I go! LOL Sandy @ 521 Lake Street

Anonymous said...

thanks for your recent visit and generous compliment!
I loved your last post on waking up to coffee...there is really no other way to begin the day, is there?

the aroma...the bliss of it all cannot be matched in my books! lol

ciao bella!

creative Carmelina

katie jean said...

Isn't it so true, our husbands think we sleep til noon! These cards just made me laugh. Thank you :) And your blog looks perfect as usual! Happy Valentine's.