Sunday, February 27, 2011


Late, last week I stopped at a friend's estate was very small.  Most of the house was closed off and not much was in the house.  I milled around a bit and said hello to a few familiar faces.  Not much to see or pick from but I felt like I should buy something as I knew the lady holding the sale.  A box of 
plastic flowers picked up for $2.00.  I left them in the back of my car for three days.

Then I decided to go through them...good grief.  I can't believe I waited to go through the bag.  Hello!  Fantastic plastic fifties blue...If you can't think of anything to do with these go check out Beth's Bagz creations at her site. Do a little clicking on her flickr under wreaths and corsages.  You too will be picking up vintage goodies like this. (Or you can spare yourself and buy one from her like I did.)

Yes, they do smell like plastic and dust but it doesn't diminish their crafting goodness.  

Look at all this great stuff in the bottom in the bag...all that Christmas fun and I waited to dig through it?

In another "Hello!" moment, did you know that the Dolly Toy Co.  that made those cute little nursery wall plaques made sweet little lamps too?  

I scored this one from ebay for a steal.  That water stain is rain...don't you know?  That's what I am going with.  I need to rewire it before I turn it on, but when it is lit the clouds are translucent.  

At home below her buddies.  Nestled in the flowers that she is watering, a night light!  So cute I couldn't help myself.  
We are enjoying our first nice Spring thunderstorm...I hope it is a sign of warmer weather and fresh flowers.
Have a wonderful week.


Lee said...

How adorable! Love the lamp-so happy that you found a treasure!

Musings from Kim K. said...

How fun! I can't wait to see what you do with your plastic flowers. Your lamp is just too sweet. I adore the graphics.

Betty said...

That lamp is so cute!!

Nan said...

Oh the yellow lamp shade is so perfect for your cute lamp, yellow being a favorite color of mine! The blue flowers my favorite too. I had wanted an all blue garden here but other colors kept creeping in and I lost it. I should start over on that in another section of my garden. My blue poppies are the spectacular item in my garden. Warm climates can't have them so I cherish mine.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I have a bin of plastic flowers in my studio..they are awesome if you find some really good ones (there are alot of nasty ones out there too!) Loving your blue ones!

Unknown said...

I had to laugh about the flowers....:) That lamp is so cute!!!! I just love it! What a score! I will have to look for that brand now....LOL Sandy

kluless said...

I rarely find plastic flowers anymore but I always buy them when I do. I know they don't look as "real" as the modern silk ones but that is part of the charm. There is a difference between something fake looking fake and something fake trying to look real! Or maybe it is just nostalgia...