Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vintage hankies find a new home.

First it iced, then it snowed, and today the sun came out and showed us all the beauty Mother Nature bestowed upon us in the past few days.  The groundhog says we are going to have an early Spring?  My kids have spent most of the day marveling at the snow drifts and watching people get stuck in the neighborhood.  Really, why do people get out in this?  I took some time to work on the little doll trunk I picked up last week.

I have had this stack of vintage wallpaper for a while just waiting for the perfect piece.  This was not a one day project.  I was so careful to get each cut perfect as to not ruin the box or the paper.   Martha Mod Podge was used to apply the paper.

I had to highlight the clip with this floral flower I cut out of one of the papers.  This was a pain to get around.  The paper itself had a matte finish and I was worried that it would not hold up to the handling.  I finished it in a satin clear coat which sealed the paper edges as well.  
Now, what do I put in it?
My hankies are overflowing the doll is time for a new space.

Very rarely do I pass a handkerchief.  I find them at estate sales always and sometimes if I am lucky a thrift store.  These are some of the many floral hankies.

Oh, the embroidered one.  I found one recently with my initial. Not as easy as you might think.

A very odd round one.

Favorites...children's hankies.  

I can't imagine keeping track of these. 

Sweet silk embroidered child size day of the week hankie.  I found this at the thrift store.

These are my most recent finds from an estate sale.  One in each color!

One of the first and my very favorite.  This was hanging at the thrift store just waiting for me.  I am a LEO by birth in August.  It was meant to be.

Oh look, there is room for more.  These just make me happy.  The detail and care.  Each of the stitches and or all the ironing just to dangle from a hand, hang out of a pocket or dry a tear. 


kluless said...

So sweet! I love how the little trunk turned out and what a perfect spot for the hankies. You've got some great ones. Glad to hear you are keeping safe and warm in the storm!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Perfect snow bound project - love how you did the latch. You have some absolutely darling hankies!

Nan said...

Oh you are a busy girl Renee. I love what you did with the dolly suitcase just like mine. Hankies of course I love them too and have a bag of them, yes where to put is a problem with those isn't it. Maybe I should get my little case out and put them in that too. Actually I have a wicker one that might work.

Free Pretty Things For You said...

the doll trunk turned out Fab!!

Rita said...

love your newly decorated doll trunk and handkerchief collection -- too dawgone cute!

Betty said...

It turned out adorable! I collect hankies too. I don't have any as cute as the one you have with the little girl in various colors! Too cute!!

birdie blue said...

didn't that turn out sweet? love all of the vintage hankies, especially the kiddie ones.


★Carol★ said...

Wow, that looks like it was alot of work, and it turned out beautiful! The perfect spot for your hanky collection!

GerryART said...

I have eight or ten of my Grandma's hankies.
She lived 1893-1963.
I love those hankies.

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Oh My Goddness! Everything about this post is so Charming! You did a great job on you little doll trunk! I am in love with it!!! And, the hankies, especially the children's...too, too adorable. I'm going to start buying them too. Very fun! One blogger told a story that her grandmother would put a hankie in every birthday card that she sent her granddaughters. What treasures.

Thanks for visiting me and I am also your newest follower. You should stop back by my blog and link up to my Friday Pretties Party because this is ALL so pretty!

Georgia Peachez said...

That is a fabulous project and so well executed :->
xo, suzy

Joanne said...

what lovely finds! Blessings, Joanne

katie jean said...

love your collection!! I have that same one of the little girl set you have. I just have the
yellow one and she has a tiny hole. So great to see that someone else out there collects hankies like me :)