Friday, March 4, 2011

Charming the house.

We have lived in this house for many years and it still drips with suburban newness.  I can't seem to paint it away or cover it up.  Lately, I've stopped trying to hide it and instead add my vintage charms.  Just like you would add a charm to a bracelet.  There are so many hurdles to jump with newer construction when you want to decorate in the cottage/flea market style. For instance:

Our double faced fireplace that is the center of our home.  One side is in the living room and the other is in the kitchen. Glossy and white, heavily laden in wood and trim, I have added these charms to "color it up".  The living room side houses all my favorite game pieces and small metal objects. It is fun to add to  and watch the kids go through them.  The larger jar holds our rock collection from Lake Superior vacations.    

What else can bring height to a boring architectural structure than the beautiful matte finish of an aqua milk can.  Found at the local salvation army for less than $10.

  You see my OCD took over here.  The secret...this picture is my all time favorite find at a thrift store for $3.00 yes!  $3.00!  It is stunning in all it's muted colors.  If I could have a house full of Roseville I would...but who can afford it?  These two pieces were scored off of eBay for a nominal fee...because they have cracks...on the back.  Who's going to see it!  Candle sconces look old but are really from Nell Hill's.  This is as sophisticated as I get. 

My idea of a great table.  Stacks of picnic baskets found throughout the years.  They hold all kinds of things.  Love them.  Gorgeous art pieces.  In my sophisticated opinion.  

Estate sale piece that I couldn't live without.  Why?...because I have this wall that is 14 inches wide and nothing fit on it and looked naked.  You cannot replicate this patina.  The crust on the frame is worth a thousand words.  I love it for the spots in the mirror layers.  How many faces has it seen?

We had the ugliest counters when we moved in.  I wanted marble counter tops and my husband wanted the too trendy granite.  He won and I got to decorate.   White ironstone pitchers from the sales, sterling silverware mixed pieces as I find them, and silver trays for clutter control from the local thrift store.

Along with decorating I won removal of the giant clutter catcher island.  Monstrous beast took all the floor space up.  This wonderful vintage kitchen table along with its butterfly joints and porcelain wheels swiftly made the kitchen charming.  I grabbed that stool from a sale out of the garage.  It is one of the first places I stop at an estate sale.  Some of the best stuff is covered in rust.

 I try to think of the ordinary becoming something extraordinary.  For instance, my flea market cart holds quilts in the kitchen corner so that we can use them. (and mom can put them away)

These little touches make it easy to switch things in and out as I find them.  They add color and charm to an otherwise cookie cutter home. 


Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm having so much fun enjoying the tour of your home. When we moved from my grandparents ranch style home into an open-floor new suburban style home 50+ miles away, we thought we'd love it. 9 years later, we're enjoying being closer to our jobs (that work commute was a killer) but still battling the floor plan and trying to make it look less like new construction.

It's so much fun to see what others are doing with their vintage treasurers. Your decorating style is just lovely.

birdie blue said...

your home is beautiful, renee. love all of your vintage touches. it looks like a comfortable, well-loved home. i especially like the vintage picnic baskets. pretty and practical, my favorite combination.

have an excellent weekend, my friend.

Lori Holt said...

Hi Rennee...
Thanks for the tour of your vintagey home:)
It's sew cute!...I love it!
I too have vintage everything you can think of throughout my cottage and Mr. Honey and I have been collecting for 30 years...ever since we got married!
I have lots of silver too along with things in jars. I also love your picnic baskets.
I have several stacks that I keep in my kitchen and they hold vintage aprons,tablecloths, napkins,dishcloths etc...all vintage kitchen linens you can think of.
I love decorating with vintage things just like you do.
I think they add a charm that you just can't get from something new.
Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful finds with us!

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Lovely photographs with the touches that make a house a home,
Susan x

donna said...

Renee I love your home and all your vintagey treasures.

E said...

Hi Renee, Love the tour of your home and all your treasures ! I spy a fuzzy ginger cat (I have a fuzzy ginger boy)

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I'm in love with the aqua milk can! xx

Into Vintage said...

For the love of Roseville -- why must it be so expensive? It is beautiful but still...

I had a little chuckle about the granite vs marble - I'm a fan of marble too. Your table is perfect in the kitchen -- so open. And your furry friend fits right in. :-)