Friday, July 22, 2011

This and That

 I knew I had some vintage toys tucked in a bin in the basement.  I had forgotten what I had them labeled under.  That must be a sign of dementia!  Forgetting your OCD labeling system?  Next thing I will be doing is labeling my label system...I digress.  Filed under "Baby Memories"...go figure...I found the lost toy train that my husbands oldest brother played with and the lost vintage apron my daughter played in.  Senile ward here I come.

This tootsie toy train is a dream.  Mother goose leads the way and as she does her goose's neck turns.

Cinderella sits safely in her pumpkin coach.  How on earth did this not get broken?

Pulling up the rear is the old woman and her shoe...tie included and intact.  

I can only imagine how many pretend meals were cooked in this.  Claire loved it.  Who knows how much it was loved before her.  My mother found this years ago and was quick to place it on my daughter as soon as she was big enough. 

This was Claire at 15 months.
What happen to my baby...she's ten now but loves this just the same.

 I did some painting on the sewing cabinet.  Painted in slate blue and highlighted trims in creamy yellow.  Insets are scrapbook paper from October Afternoon.  I couldn't find any wall paper I liked.  
This picture is not true to color but great for detail.  I ended up waxing the piece with dark brown Briwax and distressed it heavily.  I wanted it to look well loved.  More of an artisan piece.  

Looks just perfect in its place. All in all it was a nice twenty dollars spent.  Now if I can just remember where I put my labeler I will be set...


GardenOfDaisies said...

Oh dear, your brain has been cooked by too many afternoons out in the hot sun watching baseball! ;-) No, you are just a super busy mom with way too many important dates and people and things to keep track of.
The picture of your daughter in the apron is so sweet! And your sewing machine cabinet turned out so cute !!

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Where in the world do you always get such sweet pictures? They're always so......yummy!

Yes! Vintage toys! Love them!!!

ImagiMeri said...

Hey Girlfriend,

Love that toy train...I collect vintage/old/antique toys, so I can really appreciate it's uniqueness. I also really love that piccy of your daughter in the stinkin' cute is that?

Have a great weekend dearest.


fee @ chipper nelly said...

hey lovely - nice to have you over at mine this week! That crazy train - so random!
And you little one sitting licking the spoon with her apron on - too cute.
Happy weekend
fee x
(loving that picture of you on your sidebar)

birdie blue said...

that apron, i'm dying. so, so, so sweet. claire is adorable. the toys are killer too, my friend.

hope it's cooling off for you this weekend.

kluless said...

The picture of Claire in that sweet apron is adorable! I, too, and re-organizing and re-labeling things. I am naming it "The Where Bloggers Create Effect". A sudden compulsion to get your act together - LOL!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Such sweet treasurers. The picture of claire in the apron is just precious. I hope your weekend is a lovely one!

donna said...

What a sweet little girl in a cute apron. Time does fly and our kids grow way to fast. The toy is such a happy treasure cute cute. Your sewing machine cabinet turned out great. You really do have a good eye for stuff.

Mecky said...

The train looks like so much fun!
That is a great apron! I found one the other day for my DGD who is 20 months old. It has Raggedy Ann on it!
You did a great job on the cabinet!