Monday, August 8, 2011

The Views

I have never been to DC although my father has worked there and been a federal employee most of his life.  A retired Air Traffic Controller of 30 plus years he has told me of the beautiful details of so many of the buildings and museums.  I can only imagine the city is even more beautiful during the cherry blossom season.  This sweet little vintage image is strangely from a get well card but cute just the same.  No vacationing for our busy brood this summer we are spilling into school season next week.  There were only a few moments that I could find to finish up my apron this weekend but I am so happy with how it turned out.

Originally I wanted to forgo the flower addition but the space almost called for it. The first few tries were  a bust. I had trouble taking advantage of the fabric and the print.  It is a gentle apron that flows.  Sitting at your natural waist or slightly below.  

A full luscious tie that creates a grand bow for the back.  No detail spared.  If you are going to make it make it great! You are going to put your name on it.  That is the way I figure it.

The strawberry button was meant to be.  Heaven knows what estate sale I picked it up from or how long it has been waiting for the spot light.  

Really if I could wear bows at my age I would everyday!

Signed and sealed.  Another pleasant outcome to a wonderful vintage tablecloth.  The entire center section was spared and will be safely tucked away for a pillow perhaps.  I happily spent the weekend in the garden gathering the crispy remains of plants.  Sadly, I have lost some beloved perennials even with the watering but I am mindful that there are new varieties to try next year!


Christmas-etc... said...

Such lovely patterns! They just make a person happy! (At least they do me!)

Anonymous said...

Love it! Just beautiful, love the colors, design! Thanks for sharing.

Redo 101

Unknown said...

I just love seeing what fun card print will be in your next post! And this apron????? WOW!!!!
I hope you plan on selling these to people...I know there is a are so talented!!!! I have an tablecloth or two that would be wonderful aprons....if I could wear one! LOL Love, Sandy

Musings from Kim K. said...

You really are amazingly talented, Renee. Sandy is right about the market. I see an Esty store with your name on it. Your latest creation is over the top, yummy. Your vintage DC card is just darling too. We visited 2 summer's ago when I attended a work conference. Amazing city. Amazing sights. One of Josie's orphanage roommates went to live in DC and we reunited the girls. I definitely want to go back again. I'm sorry that your summer has been so crispy. Your poor plants.

ImagiMeri said...

Hi Dearest,

Your apron is stunning. How I wish we could get together and play!! Hey I've got a new follower and she's just been published in "Where Women Create." Go check her out at: She's a hoot and we've already figured that we're also sisters from another mother! We need to start our own "Polka Dot Queens" kind of group or something!


Mecky said...

Renee, that is such a wonderful apron. You did an outstanding job! I agree with the strawberry button. It was meant to be on that apron! I like the flower. It is cute there.

Carly said...

Hi Renee,
Just love your beautiful apron! Your personalized tags are the best! You have an amazing talent!

Kathy said...

Your apron is beautiful and I love the way the flower turned out. Oddly, I kind onjoy that "problem solving" part.
Sorry to hear about your plants but you are right, it gives you the excuse to try some new things!

Unknown said...

Renee, I loved this post about DC. I hope to visit home at the end of October to visit my brother and see all of the new monuments. It is such a beautiful city, I hope you visit one day. What a wonderful detail the flower is on this apron. Sigh, I think this apron has finally convinced me to give a go at making an apron for myself. Inspiring! Elizabeth

donna said...

I just love your apron you did such a wonderful job. Love all the details. I too worked in my garden it is such a shame that most of the lovely flowers turned to crisp. I am so ready for some cooler weather.

Anonymous said...

The apron is super cute! Love the flower and how you got the strawberries on each petal...Great work. :)