Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Believe it or not out of all the vintage patterns that I have collected over the years I have yet to find a costume pattern.  This is a lovely image collected via google and cleaned up nicely with photo shop.  Although I have purchased many over the years, the modern ones, to sew up for my little ones.   None are as cute as this.  This would be darling on a paper bag.

Today I got back around to my ornaments...hopefully for the final time.  Crepe paper causes such havoc with me.  I want it to lay so perfect and it just defies perfection.  

All of my glittered card stock has been cut to size.  Tiny add ons to decorate each of the doorsteps.  Ribbon ties to hand them from branches and boughs.

Vintage book pages that have yellowed so perfectly you couldn't mimic it if you tried.  Old black buttons and tulle poofs just to finish the bottom.

A sweet haunted house.



Two different versions of crepe paper I have yet to decide?  I am leaning toward the left one because it seems more geometrically correct...that's my OCD talking again.  These great little house patterns came from the wonderful Cathe Holden at Just Something I Made.
I am still on the hunt for a vintage apron pattern too...One of these days I will turn the corner in a sale and there it will be.  I am just being patient.


ImagiMeri said...

Just darling, I actually think yours are much cuter than Cathe's......maybe I'm prejudiced, I really like my friends ;o)

Are you looking for an actual vintage apron pattern or a new vintage style pattern?


Musings from Kim K. said...

Squeal!! Your houses are just divine. All the little details are just perfect. I specially love the owl pick on the house on the left. Your Halloween costume pattern would be perfect for some future Halloween crafts. Many thanks!

donna said...

Renee your little houses are so cute. I love your Halloween pattern that would be super cute to make.

Diane Mars said...

Renee, those Haunted Houses are perfect! I like to offer a bit of a twist I mean each one unique no two the same. I like them both! The pattern is darling I promise to keep my eyes out for a Vintage Apron pattern. In fact I think I have a few in my stash I'll let you know when I find them. Hugs, Diane

laurie -magpie ethel said...

loving the spooky crafting going on in your house...it is all about the details and you nailed them! Adorable!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Cute little haunted houses!! I will keep my eye out for vintage halloween patterns for you.

Nan said...

Loving the right one with the curved roof line. Both are really cute however. I need to check out that link. Have you seen that wonderful book on vintage aprons with a pattern included? I can look that up later for you.

Into Vintage said...

Very cute little spooky projects and you're far more patient than I would be working with crepe paper. I love Cathe's ideas too :-)

retrorevival.biz said...

Your sweet, spooky houses are adorable! I can hardly believe Halloween is just around the corner ~ I've got to get busy decorating too!


Unknown said...

Renee, These are just wonderful! I was just visiting Beth's Bagz and saw a sewing project with your name written all over it. Printing vintage book covers on cloth and then sewing vintage squares around the image to create a tote bag. Sew cute, sew you! Have a lovely day! Elizabeth

Sarah said...

Either way you choose, they are so CUTE! I cannot wait to have one hanging on my tree. Squeeeeeeeeeeee!

I am having a crepe paper battle over here too. Must acquire more black.

Mecky said...

Both of the houses look just fine.
If I run across a vintage halloween apron, I will grab it or lead you to it.

Kathy said...

Your haunted houses came out just perfect! I like the crepe paper on both but think the one on the right is my favorite. Either way, just love them!

Katrin said...

Dear Renee
The houses are great. Great idea.
LG Katrin

Katrin said...

Hi Renee.
You always have such beautiful pictures at the beginning of your post.
Where do they come I can find on the Internet?
Do you tell me?
LG Katrin

Lynn said...

OMG!! Those are simply adoreable!! I love both styles of the crepe paper!!! thank you for the inspiration.
Lynn in NC