Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Affair

This is a life long love affair.  
One that is deep in tradition.
 Full of memories. 
 Rich with history.

This is my Valentine's Day gift from my husband.

Yes, I did help him out a bit.

No, he didn't utter a word of angst.

Singer's Retro 160 year Limited Edition Sewing Machine.

My heart is still going pitter patter.

This beauty is still close by.

Gently resting for another daily sewing project.  Guaranteed to never skip a stitch.

Happy Valentine's Day


laurie -magpie ethel said...

That is the perfect gift for you. I thought it was an old one until I saw the digital numbers...super duper cool..good for you for helping him out!

vivian said...

beautiful!! lucky you! good husband!
happy valentines day!

birdie blue said...

sooo perfectly, you.


Shirley Hatfield said...

coolest looking machine ever! I prefer non-electronic sewing machines...technology scares me sometimes. However, my hubby gave me a Kindle Fire and I spent all day trying to figure it out...beats my stone-age Kindle any time. Love your new machine! =D

Musings from Kim K. said...

A perfect gift. Wishing you the happiest of Valentines.

Happy Sewing! Happy Heart day!

Ruby Jean said...

Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE it... What a SWEET Valentine you have... :)

Unknown said...

Oh Renne!
He loves you very much and you are so deserving of this gift! Happy valentines Day my friend! Can't wait to see where this wonderful machine takes you....:) Hugs, Sandy

Mecky said...

That Valentine's card is so ...SEW...perfect for you!
That machine is so neat. I didn't know that they made those. How sweet of your husband.
The vintage one is great, too.

Happy Valentine's day

Unknown said...

Happy Valentines Day Renee. Sounds kinda redundant after the day you had. What a fabulous Valentine gift and what a generous husband. I didn't even know that they came out with that. Love it.

Hugs...Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

ImagiMeri said...

OMG you lucky woman! I'm so happy for you......well deserved! Good idea to keep the old one just in case.....wink, wink. May you have a wonderful new adventure with your new love.


Kathy said...

Oh my gosh! I didn't even know they made such a thing. Lucky you!!!

Nan said...

Love those old Singers!

busymartha said...

The best gifts are the ones we pick out ourselves, this is a beauty! Thanks always for your sweet comments Renee, Marilyn.

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Oh, wow wee! I have never seen that Singer before. He is a great man you got there :) Have fun with your new toy!

Unknown said...

Wow! Perfect condition. Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I thought it looked like a mixer at first! :)

Bobby gave me candy and money so I put the moeny toward a rug for the living room! Hurray! Oh, and I ate all the candy FAST! :)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I love that sweet little valentine image. Congrats on your lovely new sewing machine. It is a beauty! Best wishes, Tammy

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE it! Honey, come look at this ....!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Oh, how lovely! I didn't know they were making new machines with a vintage Singer look! It is truly perfect for you.

donna said...

What a great present. Did not know they where making those. Your husband did a great job.

Betty said...

Renee! I've been looking at those machines? What do you think of it? Would you recommend it to someone who sews alot? Is it easy to use and see the settings? I have a zillion questions but I don't have room. LOL My hubby says I can get one or I can get a new dollhouse. I have a perfectly good sewing machine. what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Oh - you lucky girl! What a sweet present for an even sweeter girl! Yippee! Crafting fun - here you come!