Sunday, March 20, 2011

Museum prices and a few fun finds.

I have to say, I was sincerely shocked at the price of the antique stores in the small towns of Arkansas.  These were museum like prices.  Granted, they had some beautiful pieces that I had not seen before, but they do want someone to buy them...right?  Sadly, I thought they would be in the same slump as the rest of the economy...they were not. 

These darling coloring books are giant.  The colors on the covers are vivid and the same image appears on the back.  I shopped these from my mom's house.  

Did you know that Dale Evans wrote the sweetest little prayers?  

Child's tin toaster...I scored for 50% off at a thrift store and it was still pricey. 

My mom bought these banks for my daughter. They are something I haven't ever seen before.  No date on the decal either but in the 1940's style.

Tea towels, qua trefoil shelf and hankies with crochet edge from a consignment shop of sorts.  The USA pottery piece was such a pretty color I couldn't pass it up.

Along with the coloring books and banks, I snagged these old Valentines from my Mom.  She has long past the day of antiquing and estate sale shopping.  These are things I drag out of closets when I stop for a visit...lucky me.

While I was shopping with my mom in a flea market, I heard her call my name, which she only does when she finds something good.  The sky parted and angels began to sing and this sweet little lamb standing on a bell was magnetically pulled into my superwoman grip.  That's how I remember it anyway.   He is stunning.  More than 8 inches tall, this planter shows no mark that we could find and could very well be a hand made piece, but is beautifully done.  Five sweet little dollars and this baby came bubble wrapped home with me.  Its my new favorite...can you tell?

Bargain of the trip.  A big box of shiney brite ornaments for 2 dollars.  I realized when I was uploading the photos that my camera was on the wrong setting...too late!

This vintage learning board came in the mail while I was gone.  It didn't take me long to spell my blog name out (I used some anagrams to help).  Double stick tape,  a chenille stem for a hanger....and this great graphic find went right on the wall.
Of course it took me all day to rearrange my studio.   I am convinced that I could bring a spool of thread home and it would involve a three hour organization of labeling and color sorting. and softball practices start.  I can hear the ting of bats already. That's the sound of Spring.


Musings from Kim K. said...

Wonderful goodies. You never disappoint. I've been eagerly awaiting your treasurers. Your learning board is simply divine. I'm just like you. Every new purchase ends up forcing me to rearrange my craft room. I broke my promise and bought another doll bed this weekend. I'm going to share my obsession (I mean collection) on the blog tomorrow. Welcome to spring and the spring sport schedules!

Jane said...

Great finds! Interesting that the prices are high in spite of the economy. I like your "shopping at your mom's home" idea. I see so many "vintage" items around that make me think, "oh, we have one of those we're still using!" Pack rat? Me? LOL

Jayna Rae said...

I did not know that about Dale Evans, who is actually a town hero where I live. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans lived in the High Desert, the Roy Rogers Museum was here for years. I am sure it housed a copy of this book.

Nan said...

Well this vintage learning board I have seen but have not thought of it in a lifetime. I wish my daughter would shop in my home but she seems to have little interest in anything vintage I have this is why I'm selling off so much of my vintage stuff in the shop in WA. Once upon a Fairyland. Tomorrow I'm sending her a box of Tasha Tudor books.

Unknown said...

Wow...lots of great finds! But I LOVE the vintage coloring books, the graphics are incredible! I would frame these and put them on a wall! :) The more color the better! LOL
I have been looking for one of those boards...I never knew what to call them! :) Renee, you and me are so much alike!

schmidt1016 said...

I actually have that Dale Evans book! We got it for our kids when they were little. I get a bit depressed when things from my childhood and even my kids are considered vintage! Love the coloring books, too.

Leslie S. in MN
esclante at comcast dot net

birdie blue said...

love the fun finds, renee. it sounds like you had a lovely time. how sweet is that lamb planter?

welcome back, my friend.

Amy said...

I clicked over from Kim. K's blog and WOW! I love vintage and just started blogging and you are right up my alley! I will definately be spending more time reading your blog! Love it! I just found a child's book from the 1950's at a thrift store this past week and was going to blog about it so I smiled when I saw your post today!

donna said...

What wonderful finds. I just love a good treasure hunt.

very merry vintage style said...

Wonderful finds. How sweet that you visit & shop your moms place!

Thanks for linking to Share the Love Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

The toaster and cannister are great! ♥