Friday, May 13, 2011

Bloom and Grow

The nice warm weather has been so kind to my growing garden.    As the heat continued to rise the blooms continued to swell.  They are putting on such a beautiful show this year.  The color seems more vibrant than the last...maybe it is just the long winter?  My peony are heavy with buds and days away from popping.  Spring is my most favorite time of flowering.

Saucer sized clematis.  This year the bunnies have left it alone for us to enjoy.

Beautifully dressed in indigo blue.

If only I could get my crepe paper to do this.  The sweet smell of grapes have been heavy in the humidity.

Knockout roses play fake to the old fashioned rose bushes...without all the disease and pest.

My baskets are starting to spill out.  Having not hit the heat of summer yet I am enjoying the easy watering schedule.

Sunshine on my doorstep for sure.  My planter is filling in finally.  I added a six pack of lobelia to give it some depth.  All of the yellows ended up being the same shade?  Now it looks like smurfs are hiding?

I am in love with the mini double petunias.  They are so delicate and sweet.

I love a good planter.  These have been replanted 3 times already.  My first two recipes didn't work.  They either didn't fill in, contrast enough, or show up from the street.  I finally gave in and went with the geranium.  I am not a huge fan.  I needed a good contrast with the yellow coleus and the African daisy.  This works so much better for me and it takes that strong eastern sun.

Another planter that clearly has the right plants for the spot.  This is a new combination for me and stands out really well from the street.  The gray plant will have a pale blue bloom soon.

Oh, but it is not all miracle grow here yet!  My window box is always the last to get planted, first to dry out and last to do newly planted with two rows of yellow zinnia.  The only plant that can handle the heat and the sun that the genius who put this here has.  I'll keep you posted.


Hearts Turned said...

What beautiful garden images, Renee! Hope your day is just wonderful...


birdie blue said...

your garden looks absolutely beautiful, renee. love ALLl of the colorful flowers. mine still has a way to go. the last two days were really warm but we're back to the 50's-60's temps. this weekend.


★Carol★ said...

Any day now, the big faucet in the sky will get turned off, and we'll constantly have a hose in our hands! Love your flower combinations in your planters. Wouldn't you just love to have one of every flower there is? I always need to restrain myself whenever I go flower shopping!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

OOh, I love a good planter too Renee.
lovely pictures...
fee ♥

Sarah said...

It has been boiling hot here this week. Oy. I posted yesterday to try and address the comment situation that happened this week and then blogger decided to eat that post in some great internet conspiracy. I haven't had time to dig out your email address, but I do apologize for the dust up and want you to know that I always value EVERYONE'S opinions, as there are no right or wrong paths in this mothering gig. :-)

Unknown said...

Just beautiful! It is starting to get hot here, so my lovlies are under shade and hopefully will last another month, just when everyone else is getting flowers and veggies like crazy, mine are starting to burn has been great this week, and I will take all I can get! 110 will be here before we know it!:(

Nan said...

My favorites and the Lobelia in the blue hues I love them in the baskets we make here and see how stunning yours looks there. This year we had a white lobelia as well. I don't even have my window boxes ready yet as I would still have to keep them inside until the first of June. I was going to make them at Cookie's today but didn't get to it, maybe tomorrow.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Your planter with the geranium, yellow coleus and the African daisy is beautiful. I had a bloom post ready to go when blogger blew up 2 days ago. West MI is slightly behind KS but our yard (thanks to Chris) is looking rather spring-like. Happy weekend!

donna said...

What beautiful pictures. I bet driving by your house is a true vision.

Anonymous said...

Your plants look wonderful! I haven't potted a thing yet....but I did buy some yesterday. I'd planned on doing that today, but the weather turned too chilly for me to do that. Say, I just saw your comment on Nan's (from Alaska) post and noted you had mentioned "KC"!! What a small world! I live in Independence! To think that we "met" via Nan....who lives in Alaska! :)

It is a good thing the weather cooled off....our A/C was working on the 2 90 degree days, but quit right afterwards. Our repairman will be here Thurs....hopefully it will still be cool!

Have a great weekend! dana

Anonymous said...

Just lovely, renne! I on the otherhand love Geraniums! I once grew them well all winter long inside! They are so dependable! ♥

Christina Rodrigues said...

i love all the different flowers that you have in your garden. lovely!

have a great weekend!

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