Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sewing Station

Thank you for all of the wonderful comments about my chair.  It was a labor of love and a favorite project so far.  Your support and well wishes are very endearing.
We are in the mad dash to end the baseball and softball season over he next two to three weeks with at least one game a night.  My boys are leaving for scout camp on Monday and I am running around collecting their necessities.  You know in all my spare time.  We are supposed to hit 100'F on Friday!  Which coincidentally is the day that we have two baseball tournament games that should take up my day from 9am to 5pm.  Seems some genius man decided it was a fantastic time to have boys play forgetting that it was a work day for the husband/dad.  Please think of me while you are enjoying your air conditioning.  I hope to park it somewhere under a tree and stitch as long as I can.
Enough with the whining...I will be back to my comfortable mending in due time.
Until then I have cleaned up a new sewing station that I found at the thrift store recently.

I have had a sewing table before, but this one has such cute lines.  I hope to paint it a cute cherry red and put some vintage wall paper in the insets on the door.  I am still hunting that down.  

It has this extended leaf top that is amazing for large fabric and pinning but it was a huge expanse.  I quickly fixed that with a linen and lecien fabric top.  I added piping and rick rack, some crochet trim and hand made bias tape.  Some thing similar appeared in Australia Homespun magazine last month.  Theirs went under the machine and had pockets for scissors and such.  I wanted that would slow fabric down from sliding off the surface.   I have it held in place with 2 strips of elastic that I sewed on each end.  It slides over the end like sock.

The patchwork at the end gave me fits.  I worked terrible hard to make all the seams match and in the end I had to just let it go.  This is why I stay away from quilting...

How can you not love Tanya Whelan and her Delilah fabrics?

This cute little box sits on top of the two inside drawers.  I made a rectangular pin cushion that is removable yet fits perfectly inside.  It just makes things so much easier to do when you have a clean and efficient work space.  
I have already been cutting up another tablecloth for another project...this time it is pink and green!


~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Oh how pretty!!!! I just love what you've done! and that fabric is just beautiful!!! :) Have a good weekend!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

you are so industrious!
lovely, as always
fee x

Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm home long enough to check on the cat, scoot Chris outside to water his precious gardens and sneak some blog time. We'll be hitting the road soon to head back to the cottage. I just updated the blog with a few pics. Being unplugged is really really hard (as you can tell by my grocery store internet sneaks). Sounds like you could use some cool lake air during your upcoming baseball tournaments. Thinking of you. By the way, your chair is just fabulous. It's brilliant!!!!!

Mecky said...

What a neat idea and yes, the fabric is wonderful!
It is 102 in Wichita today, which is where I spent the day today. My computer says it is a little cooler where I live. I hope you find a nice shady place on Friday!
Your cabinet is really nice.

Stay cool

Anonymous said...

Your sewing machine and the fabric are true treasures! Proud of you for the zipper-foot quest. And your flowers are lovely. Thanks for sharing with us.

GardenOfDaisies said...

Your new vintage sewing table is wonderful! And the fabric topper you made is so pretty! The patchwork end looks great! You should try a quilt. I heard that the 100 degree heat will reach us tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Dots and roses just GO together don't they? ♥

donna said...

I love your new sewing table. My favorite things roses, poka dots and rick rack. Hope you stay cool and the baseball games.