Thursday, June 28, 2012


This is the cover of the Little Chick Chick book (minus the words). Copyright 1950. Even more was illustrated by RACHEL. No last name, just Rachel. The mystery deepens as I could not find a writer listed. 

Late last week I went estate sale shopping. One right after another. I have to be in the mood to that sort of thing. It only strikes on a rare day. Usually I am one and done. This one brought a bit of my favorite sewing items and I was happy to find what I did.

Oddly enough I found only two hankies in this house and they were in the basement? Fine by me as this Girl Scout one is pure bliss. 

A box of buttons on cards. Always a winner.

Darling Dritz sewing basket that reminds me of a Cath Kidston one I have seen online. This one came complete with all the sewing bits.

I am sure there is a way to restore it I am just going to have to think on it for a while.

This sweet chintz picnic tin I found online. It was a want not a need. But it I liked it just the same.

My boys were packed and sent off to camp in the wee hours of the morning. I think I have been packing them for months. This marks the midway point of summer for us. I don't even want to remind you that last year when they went to scout camp it was 107'F. Today it was cooler...105'F! I hate summer........I call these boys my mailmen kids....because they don't look anything alike. Yes, they are both mine. One is my husband, the tall thin one and one is me, the short squatty one. Someone please send some cool air. They have ten days out in the heat with no A/C. 


Debby said...

Great finds, again.
I don't like summer either. So many fun things to do outdoors and then it is too hot. 100 here today. I feel bad for your boys. I a sure the advisors will take care of keeping them hydrated. I am sure you will worry. The heat probably won't bother them.
Hope you have a nice week-end.

Unknown said...

I'm with sale a day! What wonderful sewing finds!! Your boys are darling, in their boy scout uniforms. Does it cool off at night where you are? Oh, and I love the girl scout hankie!! Sending wishes for a cool breeze...

janice15 said...

That's strange your book just says Rachel...I love the sewing basket and the tin you found on line...I just love them both. Hope the boys have fun and get that cool air......o nice that you found that Girl Scout hankie never seen one like it...enjoy your afternoon...with love Janice

ImagiMeri said...

They're boys, they don't mind sweat! All they'll remember are the good times they had. I grew up here in Arizona and it never felt as hot as now that I'm an old lady with hot flashes.

My mom had five of us kids and she used to say "I've got one of each" meaning the postman, milkman, etc.

Sandy and I just got back from a scrapbook store and an antique store, where of course she bought everything! I'm sure she'll be posting her goodies soon. I only got paper at the scrapbook store.


vintage grey said...

The chick is too cute!! Love all your finds, and such a pretty picnic tin! I can see some prettiness finding its way inside of it!! If I had some cool air I would send it!! xo Heather

Vintage by Crystal said...

Great finds and what a darling book cover! Wishing your boys luck! :)

birdie blue said...

how cute are your scouts? i'll be thinking of them in that heat! hopefully they get to swim every day?

love, love, love that vintage picnic tin. completely understand about want vs. need, miss renee.

stay cool.

Barbara said...

Your boys are adorable. (I'm sure they'll be thrilled to hear that word applied to them.) I cannot even begin to imagine how hot it is there. You'd better stay inside and sew.

craftyles said...

I can't believe how hot it is by you. I hope it cools down for your boys. I used to like summer, but now that it's been so hot the past few years, I'm turning to a cool weather gal! Love the hankie, Renee.

Tammy's in Love said...

'Hope there is a lake for the Scouts to jump into! It's down to 79 now, last nite it was 90 at 10:00 p.m.! It's what we look forward to all winter so unless it's tropical like it was yesterday, I try not to complain!


Chenille Cottage said...

What darling sons you have, Renee! They look very ready to treck off to camp...even if the heat is unbearable they will have a wonderful adventure. My sons went to camp and I'll never forget them coming home with the worse set of chapped lips I'd ever seen. As I pulled up to pick them up...I was certain they had been to clown school, instead! Their lips were a huge brilliant red!
Don't worry about them..pray for them, instead!
Blessings, my sweet friend!
Carolynn ;)

laurie -magpie ethel said...

The mailmen kids are the same way.
Wish I could box up some of our cool to send your way..clouding up this afternoon and rani predicted tonight. I would melt in that heat and would need one of those dainy hankies to wipe my brow!

GardenOfDaisies said...

I truly feel bad for those boys, braving the horrible midwest summer heat for 10 days! Let's hope and pray it cools down some. You always seem to find the best stuff at the sales! :-)

busymartha said...

Renee, that is too hot, period! We are having the worst June, ever, cold, windy and very wet! I feel like we skipped summer! Great finds, I especially love the picnic basket, sweet! Hope your boys have a good time at camp despite the heat,hugs, Marilyn.

LBP said...

Sorry, can't help you with the weather. 101 here today... It's crazy weather for this time of year. Hope they can find water!


Unknown said...

aahh your boys are lovely bless them, there going to have a great time ;-)i love the summer but all we are getting is rain and more rain which is wearing very thin now. I will do a deal with you, you send us some of your sun and i will give you some of our cooler weather :-)) if only it was that easy ;-))Love your picnic tin that is lovely and all those buttons. What a lovely sewing box to and to have things in it also is a treat. dee x

Anonymous said...

Love the chintz tin, Renne!

Mailman kids. Hee-hee! They are cute for sure. Hopefully they have a pool or lake at their camp!

I hated summer when I lived in Texas. It about killed me every year. Here in Idaho? this morning it's cool and cloudy... Not summery at all. THAT'S life in the north!

Jacqui Wise said...

I love your sewing basket. It must have been fun discovering all those lovely gems inside. Your picnic tin is lovely too. Hope your boys have a great time and the weather cools for you a little.

Kathy said...

Mailman boys - cracked me up! They look like delightful young men.
Bravo on the "poke sack" sewing basket. I know you had fun on the treasure hunt through the contents - and you got buttons - yay!!

Serendipity Handmade + Vintage said...

What a find! So jealous! I really love the sewing basket; it's really cute.

donna said...

I am with you. Summer is not my friend either. As you know is Texas we do not get much winter. Love your finds. Sewing things all bring a great thrill.

Adrienne said...

Speaking of hankies, look what I just found- they aren't what I needed for my project, but I thought of you!

Love your blog! =)