Monday, January 3, 2011

Finding Me...

Sometimes I feel like items pick me rather than the other way, no I am not crazy. Honestly, I watch people walk right past items that I would fight for on occasion. I laughed at myself when I found these great Vintage Christmas items on clearance at the thrift shop.  Clearance at the thrift store!  Be still my heart!  They just screamed my name.

Take a super close look at this spool of ribbon that hasn't ever been used. (Magpie I am dying to send this to you just to get a special Christmas Spun head on this gem!) So super cute, it is a shame they put bar codes on stuff now.

Old board games are so much more fun than the new ones and at these prices who can beat them.  This one had all the pieces and old game pieces are always great additions to any collection.

Another Advance pattern.  Do I need to explain myself, it is a gravitational pull of some sort.  My Mamaw had a cup holder like this on the formica counter top.  It will hold something I just haven't found it yet.

Gloves and Bobs...Fashion at its best.  

This is a gorgeous vintage puzzle of London.  Huge chunky pieces inside.  I love the graphics.

The same day I rescued my typewriter cart.  

That's me ever the caregiver, rescuer of vintage treasures, Mother to all...former preschool teacher.  It is a common thread.  I just keep changing venues.  My family likes to humor me!  

Here's to another year of many vintage treasures and friends alike!


laurie -magpie ethel said...

A gal after my own heart who sees the charm in those old ribbon spools - that one is a keeper for sure. Would be happy to add a spun head if the spool ever comes my way...

kluless said...

Great rescues and looking forward to seeing what you find (and I don't!) through the next year. But trust me, I will be celebrating the rescue right along with you!