Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Turning the light on.

One thing this blog is showing me is how many obsessions collections I have.  Today, I share my love affair with lamps.  Unfortunately, my children don't sit placidly at my feet while I mend by the light as the above illustration shows.  However, I do spend my evenings nestled in the corner by the light of a lamp.  In my house I have many to choose from.  These are a few of them.

A pair of these gorgeous lamps flank the buffet in my dining room.  I got these a few years ago at a garage sale $10 for the set.  I loved the color so much I painted the dining room to match.

This gorgeous floor lamp came via the local Catholic Charity shop for the low low price of $10.  I saw it from the front door and made a bee line for it.  This beauty weighs a ton and I luged it out like a trophy.  It gives great light in my bedroom by the little sofa.

Goodwill gifted this tole lamp early last year to me.  It was left on the shelf with a $3 tag.  I couldn't leave it behind.  I adore the key turn.  It is on each night in our family room.

Love this one.  It is helping to make my bulldogs fancier!  I purchased this one off of Etsy.  It is a vintage french lamp.  It lights up the bookcase in the family room.

This goldenrod pretty is currently gracing my desk.  It is an early 70's model.   I picked this up at a local thrift store for under $5.   It is a nice punch of color and a great source of light in a dark corner of the basement.

There are many more of these lamps that I have picked up and tucked away in the closet.  The mark up on lamps is ridiculous.  I cannot explain spending retail for lamps that I can get for 1/5 the price. I like the vintage shapes so much more.  Some of them I have rewired.  Most of them I have had to get a new shade for.  All of them have been cleaned.  I have never spent more than $10 for any of them and most of the time the shade has cost me more.  

I will spare you the Irmi repeats, but you know I love a good nursery lamp anyday!  


kluless said...

Those are all great scores! I just love the ones on your buffet and how lucky to find a PAIR in such good condition.

craftyles said...

I love your lamps, especially the french blue one. I also love to pick them up when I see them and I'm looking for an IRmi kids lamp right now. Wish me luck!