Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sewing Bits

The trouble with vintage linens are the stains and holes.  These problems do not deter me from using them as scraps, quilt pieces or parts of a project.  I found this great vintage tablecloth at the charity shop still pressed in plastic.  Unfortunately, it had large yellow rings in the center.  I loved the lattice border though.  What's a girl to do?

I carefully cut the border piece out using my four inch ruler and a rotary blade.  Then I hem stitched around to gather into gentle ruffles.  This gave me the size for my square table scarf.  

Carefully, I pinned the ruffles to a piece of linen fabric square and sewed a hem.  It took a couple of ironings to get a crisp look, but it is worth it to lay the ruffles down.

I love the frilly mixed with the linen.  The tablecloth has a totally different look than it did before.  It was starched and stiff, now its soft and more homespun, more me.  The linen was a remnant and the tablecloth was charity find.  Both piece married together to make a lovely addition to my dining room table.


Nan said...

This is very clever Renee. I would have not thought of the two together either but it works doesn't it. I don't think it was that simple to do getting that ruffle just right, done a few ruffles in my life.

Unknown said...

Renee, I absolutely love your blog. So many ideas to take away with each visit. I especially like that vintage items call to you as well! I can not visit a store for months and just know when to go inside because the best things are calling to me. The ribbon spool is to die for. LAMPS! I am crazy about them as well. Oh my gosh I have so many, but not nearly enough!
Stopping by to let you know McLinky will be available to link your blog to mine for our first Happy Homemaker Tag Along this Sunday. I am so looking forward to everyone's creativity and just know you will have something special for us. I would love if you would photograph your supplies and talk about your theme, challenges you faced choosing papers, new techniques, anything at all of interest.
New friends to meet, and so much to learn from each other! I can't wait! Elizabeth