Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Hankie Love

Last week I received a flier in the mail for one of those charities that come by and pick up gently used clothing  from your house.  They provide a bag in their pamphlet.  Sounds like a good enough reason to clean some closets out to me.  Amongst the drab and dreary winter wardrobe I came across these Spring hankie favorites I sewed last summer.

Excitement is a must when I find a scalloped hankie.  This trio came from one hankie.  It was a perfect match for the ballet pink that was so popular last summer.  

A favorite...the center is a small white embroidered hankie surrounded by  a vibrant rose colored scalloped hankie and a finished with a feed sack leaf.

This is a children's hankie that was beyond repair but it had some life left in the print.  Simple stitches and a cherry red vintage button bring it right back to life.

Peter pan collars...say no more.  This is a cute cutter hankie that added just the right amount to a white tank.

My daughter is never left out.  A shamrock...and an old coat button.  All from a boring vintage hankie.

All of these have pin backings.  It makes washing much simpler.  It also adds to the outfits.  I am not one to wear tanks alone.  Most of the time I pair these with a cardigan and add the pin to the sweater.  I can get a hankie for 50 cents to a dollar and add them to a simple shirt for just a little more.  
Some of these ideas came out of the fantastic Indygo Junction book  Hankie Style.  I highly recommend it if you are pattern stumped or in need some inspiration.
Although I did fill a bag for charity...none of these made it into the bag this year.  I think I will hang on to them for a season or two longer.


Ashley said...

I never would have thought to use hankies for this! I always see stacks of them when I go on trips to Goodwill. Now I think I'll be buying them up!

-Many Smiles!

Nan said...

Wow you are just so darn clever to think of doing all these sweet effects with hankies.
My favorite is the doggie off the children's hanky. I must get my bag of them out and look over what I can use. Thanks for these ideas it's just so unique. I have done a quilt with hankies in the past framing them in silk even and my daughter owns that one now. Nan

Musings from Kim K. said...

So very very pretty. I have stacks of special hankies in my craft room. Thank you for the inspiration.

very merry vintage style said...

These are really cute--love this idea!

craftyles said...

Fabulous ideas. I love hankies and I will be trying some of your ideas. Thanks!

kluless said...

Love love love those hankie flowers! Thank you for the link and the inspiration.

Betty said...

Those are so sew pretty Renee!! I have stacks of hankies. I think I'll go hunt through my tshirts!