Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Homemaker Tag Along

You would think I have just been on the phone gossiping.  All of the sudden I realized it was time for the   Happy Homemaker Tag along and I was late for the party.  It is that time of the year when events get in the way.  Sports have started, the end of the school year is drawing nearer, gardens need to be planted, projects start adding up and some where in there I am supposed to get MY time....but the warmth of the sun kept me outside longer than I anticipated.  

Even Alice is worried about me...I forgot to change the calendar from March to April.

The windows are open now so that we can hear birds chirp. 

This month I had to get even craftier.  Proper placement of the holes in the paper is a favorite tip of mine.    
I was taught this long ago at a paper crafting class.  When in doubt use remnants!  Bet you won't even be able to tell I used them in the finished product...

Continuing with my Nursery Rhyme theme, this month is Mary had a Little Lamb.  A vintage Meyercord decal image found online.  I wish the picture had come out clearer.  I cut the blue bird off her hat and school off her dress in order to create the scene.  I attached a vintage daffodil millinery and a velvet leaf.  Inside the daffodil I placed a tiny yellow pearl button from my stash.  The remnant is used behind the label!

The back is finished off with another label (remnant behind for framing) and scrap pieces for the stripes.  The scallop is a remnant frame and the side tag with the date is a one inch scrap piece as well.

Two of these tags were made.  One was added to my clothesline.  While the other tucked away for my partner Miss Betty.

I should probably start planning my May tag now...maybe then I won't be late!
Happy April


Anonymous said...

lovely tags Renee and you are very nifty with scraps,well done

Musings from Kim K. said...

Your tag is divine....and I'm going to steal that adorable doll dresser. I've loved it since you first showed it off weeks ago. Such a lovely display.

katie jean said...

you make the most adorable tags! of course you love my little bags for scrapbooking and such :) I bet you have quite the stash yourself!

Nan said...

I love your tag and the colors and especially the green vintage buttons surrounding it.

Betty said...

It is adorable Renee! I should work on my tag for May now too. Especially since I haven't cleaned up the mess from the last tag.

Diane Mars said...

Renee, Everything looks so petty, I think the meyercord decals don't scan real clear so I think yours looks pretty darn good~ oxox, Diane