Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ribbon Spools and Sanding Tools

A driving permit, baseball party and softball practice were on my schedule today....but somehow I was going to squeeze in these two estate sales if I had to crawl to them this morning.  This is the official first day of summer vacation in our house and I am pretty sure I have heard the word bored eight times.  It will take a few weeks to get into a routine.  Driver's ed gets in full swing on Monday morning...and yes we did (because I had to coax to study) pass the permit test!  Thank goodness, one day at a DMV is enough for me thank you.  Off to the estate sales I went this morning with my little tote bag in hand. 

I have been trying to open my eyes to other vintage items that I might possibly overlook otherwise.  Magpie Ethel has proven to me that ribbon spools have great character.  Some of the colors on the ribbons are lovely but the graphics steal the show.

Being the tool girl that I am I never pass the garage or basement.  Pipe cleaners for crafting, flower frog because they are so hard to come by and usually the spikes are bent and this fantastic little hand sander that feeds these little spools of sandpaper through.  Handy!  

Just a handful of sewing notions and a millinery flower pin.  
Rulers are always a winner with messages on them.

This little lady has needles in her skirt and a tape measure in the base.
  Her hands cup the thimble in a hoop. 
 Kitschy sewing notions get me every time.
Not too old but cute just the same.

The old rulers are always so different in their color and measurement.
Another collection that never fails to keep growing.
It doesn't hurt that it is easy on my wallet either.

Vintage Christmas items came home too. 
 Two little 45 records. 
 A loosely tied strand of glass garland
 and the cutest ribbon spool with Santa on it.  

Once the car was packed with my treasures
 I donned my sunglasses and took the long way home.  
I knew that I was in for two lazy teenagers 
that had to be pulled out of bed and a preteen girl crying about being bored.  
Whoever said summer was lazy never came to my house.


Lee said...

You got me excited to get out for estate or garage sales!
I know what you mean about kids and summer vacation....but too soon they are out of the house and you will have plenty of time on your own.
Smile and enjoy your day....even among the grousing! LOL

birdie blue said...

sweet vintage finds, renee. let me just say, i feel your 'i'm bored' pain. the last day of school is tomorrow, i know what i'm in for...


Mary said...

Rulers/measuring sticks I love. And darn you saw them first! What great finds. Oh the summer time blues. Thankfully my daughter is about to turn 20, so those days are long gone. But I DO remember them oh so well. And congratulations on the permit pass!

Musings from Kim K. said...

You picked up some fun goodies. My craft is filled with 45 records and Josie loves to listen to them while I craft.

Yippee on the permit pass. I can't even imagine drivings training and it really isn't that many years away for Miss Emma. Gulp.

Our summer starts next Friday. Maybe it is a good thing that my husband is the stay-at-home kind in the summer with his k-12 career. I don't have to hear the word bored when I roll in at 5pm.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Glad you found some ribbon spools...I rarely pass them by. We still have another week till the bored phase hits and kids are out. Happy for that week

donna said...

What great finds. I am glad you got to get away to find all of these lovely things.