Monday, July 25, 2011

Apron skirts and fruit punch?

Not a whole lot of anything happened here today.  Unless you count the miles we drove around the city. Our oldest went to help out his grandmother "Mammie" then we drove the middle child south to the other grandparents house to visit "Nana and Papa".   Claire and I were stuck together again in a good way.  She is leaving for the lake on Friday.  Seems everyone is leaving but me?

After finding this cute apron last week I was inspired to put this apron skirt idea into stitches.  It is a very simple full white skirt made of Kona white fabric and lined with the same. 

Instead of the normal...ouch this is too tight...waist band, I added this super comfortable knit waistband.  This is my second time to use this type of waist band and I can tell you that I grab for these clothes first in my closet.  Comfort and style all day long.  After completing the skirt I sewed the apron right over the top of the waist band.  

Every thing has to have a pocket.  Comfort and utility is a must.  Not completely finished though.  After clipping off the waist band of the apron (it had stains on it)  I plan on using the ties for an addition to a t-shirt for a matching top.  Not too granimals though.  

While dropping off my middle son to fish with Papa my mom and I got to chatting about the birds that Gayle had posted about last week.  Bored of having this sweet chick around, my mom handed him off to me.  Claire and I had to stop and pick up a few new nail colors.  Bet you can't pick hers!  Love all the neat nail add ons for girls.  These are Turquoise and Tart.  

Just a good old fashioned fruit salad.  Love to do these cute things.  I do hope to get some sewing done tomorrow.  Poor kids are climbing the walls.  


Musings from Kim K. said...

What a darling skirt. So pretty. I wish you were sneaking in some time away...especially with all the wicked heat you've had this summer. By the way, Emma would LOVE those nail embellishments. Too fun!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy, but hope you get some sewing done...always nice to get a bit of "me" time. Love Clair's Nails..Kate just did hers with decals and chose Sally Hansen Salon Effects. She got the floral design and they were really cute and easy to apply!

Unknown said...

Such a sweet skirt. Loving the fruit salad idea on your nails ;-)) hope you manage to get more sewing done soon, dee x

GardenOfDaisies said...

YAY! You did get the little bluebird from your Mom! :-) Love your daughters turquoise nails with lemon slices!!

Anonymous said...

Cute idea, Renee! My favorite skirt and pants both have a drawstring waist! So comfortable but it's easy to gain weight that way, too! ♥

Anonymous said...

Renee, I do not know how to send you, what's your email? It is posted on July 20 titled "For you, friends from abroad." You can go to the post and then copy and paste into your blog, if you want. Ok?
Have a beautiful day!