Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finishing up...

I read somewhere on a sewing blog that an up and coming seamstress was hoping that embellished t-shirts would go away.  I am reminding myself that I don't do trends.  Having Claire shadow me all summer has brought on a new level to our relationship.  "Mom, do not buy another white shirt!  Get something with color!"  I remember the utter torture I felt when my mom came out in her bankers uniform.  Hmm, I don't know if I am ready to be the boring white shirt, late to the trends, unfashionable mom.  Nah...I am not wearing those bling jeans and heels even if Claire thinks I should.   

Back to the apron ensemble.  I took the two ties that I cut off the waist band and played for a while with their position on a T@rget tank.  Loving how the ends were finished off I wanted to use them to my advantage. Multiple pins and pleats made sewing easy.

The arrow detail is just beautiful on this.  Note how they only sewed in the middle about 1/2 inch to secure the ends.  I would have sewn all the way across and created a full seam?  This is very demure.

Just before I sewed the pleats/ruffles down I stitched the tie at the shoulder to hide any raw edges.

Very classy faceted black glass button.  This if perfect for covering the seam and adding color from the apron to the top.

This doesn't look boring to me but who am I to judge when I think white t-shirts might be my favorite fashion accessory.

This vintage apron was salvaged down to every piece but the paint splattered waist band.

While the iron was on I finished up my hankies and hung them on the line.  Realizing that this covers some of the objects on the wall I am okay with that knowing I have seen them for awhile.  

Starting another project as I finish the others....look at these cute honeycomb lanterns found on etsy.  

I like the tiny size and colors.  The top is adorned with a flower and the bottom is marked Japan.  Most of them sport this gold rectangle tag.  They appear to be some sort of ornaments.  I am cooking up a plan for these.  Who knows what they will end up on!


Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm in such envy of your sewing talents. Your tank is the perfect touch to your darling skirt. Your hanky garland is darling in your studio and I COVET your honeycomb lanterns. They are just amazing!!! I've never seen anything like them and I'm always scouring for anything that resembles lanterns.

donna said...

Your t-shirt and apron are so cute. Love what you did to the t-shirt. I just love the things you come up with. Oh wow and your hankys cute cute. I love how you can see each one the way the are hanging.

Scrap for Joy said...

You've given that humble white tank a lot of sass I think! So cute! Loving your hankie garland...I need to think about making one of those myself. Sounds like you and Claire are having some good bonding time! (Please let me know if you ever tire of that doll house...as if! LOL)
Your posts always bring smiles!

Sewn With Grace said...

I would wear that outfit to the farm for working the weddings - in a heartbeat! You speak my language girl!!!

Unknown said...

Renee, You are so inspiring to me. And here I just passed by dozens of hankies on a line such as this at the antique mall not knowing how I could display them. Pennies needing to be saved.... Such a cute display in your craft room! I will be sending out your little clock on Friday. I apologize I didn't construct the arms and legs as I usually do, and he can't stand up by himself without leaning against something. I hope you will manage him.... Have a great weekend! Elizabeth

Nan said...

I do like the T shirt there Renee.
Those little lanterns are darling too.

Anonymous said...

I love those honeycomb lanterns, they would make a fabuous chandelier wouldn't they! xo, suzy