Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Very Vintage Christmas

Snippets of my vintage treasures have ended up all over my house this year.  Because of all the outside renovations and a handful of inside renovations we have done our Christmas this year in a more toned down version.  Rest assured we will be back in full swing next year.

I find these wreaths more than magical.  They are so hard to find and even harder to keep stored.  I am hoping to find enough to tie them onto each ballister of the stairs.  I know...high hopes. 

Frosty from my childhood.  Just a few candy jars and books in enamelware of course.

The girls of Christmas...I love them so. 

Plants nestled with sleighs and reindeer.

Wide eyed reindeer peeking through the tinsel.

Aluminum tree dripping in ornaments. (yes the floors are baron...tile is going down next week) I couldn't resist.  I had my heart set on not putting it up but it seemed so empty.

Everything just twinkles when the sun hits it in the morning.

A favorite rose blossom.

Indents in colors indescribable.

A most favorite ornament to date.

Each paint stroke and bevel just remarkable to me.  Who bought them and where?  What kind of tree have they hung on?  What sweet gifts have they seen in the past years?  Beautiful gifts from the past that bring wonderful memories in the present.



Your tree is very cool and love your vintage vignettes :)
God's Rich blessing in the New Year.

GardenOfDaisies said...

You make Christmas fun! Love your aluminum tree with the vintage ornaments. And your little silk ball girls are really cute! Merry Christmas to you and all of your family!

Barbara said...

Every ornament looks better when it's on an aluminum tree!

Mecky said...

I love your silver tree. We had one growing up and I hated it. Funny that I think they are so neat now!

Have a Merry Christmas

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I would have had to put up a tree too, despite the renovations. Just a glimpse of one will have you whistling a Christmas tune....

SLR said...

I love your vintage treasures, they're just darling! I am in love with vintage ornaments too, new ones just cannot hold a candle to them. A very Merry Christmas to you!

Ruby Jean said...

Oh I am sure you must have the Hardest time having to pack some of these up after the Season is over... They are all so VERY adorable... :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely aluminium tree AND ornaments, Renee! thanks for showing us your decor! ♥

Corey said...

I've never seen a large bottlebrush wreath like that! Gorgeous-would love to find one myself! And I love the aluminum tree!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I've been anxious for this post. Any chance that I can get a glimpse of your beautiful home, makes me smile. Your vintage touches are just gorgeous. Your bottlebrush wreath is just DIVINE! I think I need to add an aluminum tree to my wish-list too. Christmas hugs!

Nan said...

The indented ornament reminds me I didn't see that one this year, must have missed a box of special old ones, yes I know I did the horn is missing too, well back to the storage to check out for more ornaments used for the last 50 years. I love how your house is looking Renee.

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas Renee....I also downsized big time this year on the decorating and you know what? I like it! I just didn't want all of the work this year, it isn't fun anymore to haul it all out so I didn't....what freedom! And my house looks great! Just like yours!!!! Have a wonderful weekend my friend! Hugs, Sandy

Lynn said...

This is just wonderful!!!I love those vintage books and the ornaments are amazing!

birdie blue said...

your home is absolutely beautiful, my friend. love all of your vintage christmas, it's amazing. may your holidays be blessed.

merry, merry

Renee said...

I love all your vintage.

I have my mom's first Christmas tree-it is 77 years old. I want to find some tiny vintage ornaments for it.

Very pretty home.

Sandie said...

Everything is so pretty! Can't wait to see next years if this is downsized! Love the tree! It looks just like my granmothers did! Merry Christmas! Sandie