Thursday, March 15, 2012


I remember wanting one of those plastic multi colored Easter baskets that every little kid seemed to have.  My Easter basket was the wicker kind. Heavy and round. The kind you put down and brought the eggs to. The kind you long for now and wish you would have kept around to pull out and remember today.

Little piles of mail have found their way to my work table. 

A nice little swap with Mecky of Kettle Korner Kottage brought this happy little lot.

Mother Goose Tea Towels from Etsy.

Beautiful fine stitching.

Somethings you cannot pass.

Sewing cards by Whitman in a Mother Goose theme for a great price. I remember doing these in elementary school.

Stitching books from my favorite stitching store Daisy Cottage Quilting.

This issue of Vignette is full of gorgeous projects.

Colors I could bathe in. 

Wonderful fabric from my favorite fabric shop Sew Deerly Loved

Two tiny barrettes given to me by a friend. My mom used to always have a comb in her purse and a clip. My daughter complains that she has to brush her hair too much when she visits Nana and Papa. I am pretty sure she still has a comb in her purse too. Oh sweet memories...


Deanna said...

Hi Renee,
I wandered over here via The Little Red Hen at Home blog. I read your current post and then started to go back into your archives and was just so enchanted with your collections and photos.

I think the same way you do when people tell me how much they have spent on a handbag or a pricey shoe. I start think of all of the vintage handkerchiefs and hobnail glassware I could have bought!

I'll be stopping by again for another visit!

Deanna :D

Perfectly Printed said...

I love the Mother Goose Tea Towels!
And the sewing cards.. too cute!!


SLR said...

love the flower tins from the swap and those darling fabrics!!

Nan said...

That swap was a winner I love the tins and that fabric, fabulous.

vintage grey said...

Love it all Renee! I am a huge fan of tins! I once went to an estate sale and walked out with so many tin canisters and vintage tin trash cans, I felt like the 'Tin Lady"! Love your new fabric, so yummy! :) xo Heather

busymartha said...

I did those sewing cards in school also. My mom had tea towels just like that when we were growing up. What sweet memories!

Anonymous said...

About 12 yrs ago I embroidered the same Little Bo Peep on a laundry bag for my daughter. Oh, I love those vintage tins...I collect them, too & use them to store all kinds of things.

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Fabric is gorgeous! Love the tins too.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Unknown said...

What a load of lovely things today. Love those rose tins those are so pretty. And all your little cards, and those fabrics are gorgeous what will you use them for? dee x

Corey said...

What a wonderful swap! Every time I see swaps online, I wonder how the people could stand to give all those wonderful things away!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

this post made me smile out loud!
Love those barettes...
happy weekend
fee x

Musings from Kim K. said...

So many perfect goodies all finding their way to a home that will treasure them.

Anonymous said...

I'm eyeing those tins! :)

Oh and you're right- I looked on the label of my rug and my name *IS* on it!


Barbara said...

So many pretty things - especially the canisters! I like little bits of yellow this time of year.

Sewn With Grace said... So wished we lived closer so we could visit some flea markets together! Have a good weekend!