Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mending Monday--on Tuesday...again!

Our little Jerry...he has finally done it. With patience and hard work his tiny little seeds have blossomed into beautiful flowers. A gift for his dear mother. What a swell little boy.

Large, almost life size pots. Full of plants that will bloom across the country.
Download original size image here.

This one looks very familiar. Perfect for the cover of a pillow with patchwork surrounding.
Download original size image here.

Not quite Swedish Ivy but close enough in this pot.
Download original image size here.

This one I have tried. Planting in a bird cage. Not quite as successful as I had hoped. 
Download original image size here.

African Violets in a tea pot would be lovely.
Download original image size here.

When all else fails, terra-cotta will do. 
Download original image size here.

A spring quilt with these in patchwork, pillows for the sun porch. New tea towels for the kitchen. A gift for the borrowed lake house. I hope these inspire you to pick up your needle and thread.

Wish me luck I am off to the DMV for a 16 year old driver's license, over to title a car (oh heaven help me withstand the lines...) and if two visits in one day to two DMV offices won't do you in the dentist is on our schedule as well.


vivian said...

well, that doesnt sound like a fun day for you.. but for a certain 16 year old, it sure does!
Maybe you you could squeeze in a pleasant little lunch out in your day.. that would make it all so much better!
happy day Renee!

Miss Holly said...

Love these wonderful embroideries....and the nested fabric bins!!!!!! Wow...They are sensational...they have long been on my list of things to make....you are inspiring me as usual!!!!

Perfectly Printed said...

Once again thank you for sharing such fun images. Good Luck at the DMV!


SuZeFashion said...

Thanks for sharing these images ... very inspiring. Enjoy your adventures today!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm smitten with your teapot and violets. I'm sure your son is thrilled with your to-do list. Best wishes today. I'll be thinking of you. I can't even imagine Emma behind the wheel of a car. Eek!

Tammy's in Love said...

Having taught Positive Parenting classes, I'm sure you will survive the DMV and what 'lies beyond'. Think about a 'contract' regarding driving between son and you. No friends in the car for the first six weeks of driving then one friend only for the first six months etc. Oh, hindsite is so much better than being in it again!


Unknown said...

Hi Renee, these patterns remind me of embroidering quilt blocks each with different flowers to pass the time as my husband and I drove across country.
Good Luck today! Elizabeth

vintage grey said...

Oh, best wished to you at the DMV!! Love these sweet images! What cute tea towels, they would be!! I am such a fan of putting flowers in old teapots!! xo Heather

craftyles said...

Renee, This is just what I needed. We're taking off on a road trip tomorrow to pick up my son and I was looking for something fun to do. This is perfect. Thank you-I'll share when I get something done. See you next week!

Kathy said...

Love the watering can filled with flowers!

janice15 said...

I love the embroideries but I could not figure how to download them at all...and I couldn't copy them either...nice post...love Jerry..with love Janice

janice15 said...

Thank you Renee very much...

Barbara said...

That's quite the day you had planned for yourself ... hope there's a treat in your future!

Chenille Cottage said...

To choose a favorite embroidery design...impossible! I love them all!
Renee...you are a generous friend and your blog is one of the first I visit every day!
Carolynn xo
Thank you for popping in and sharing your thoughts, my sweet friend!

busymartha said...

What adorable images Renee! Sounds like you are in for a busy summer! I just got back from visiting my daughter and brother in the interior. Usually the weather would be great by this time of year, unfortunately I only got rain! Glad to be home, Marilyn.

Unknown said...

Hi Renee! I was so tickled to get your tags having already seen them here, I knew they would be even cuter in person - if that's even possible!
May I please use your images as I don't want to open the envelopes to take photos?
PS You are so sweet to have included the transfers. The dishes are so me! A definite project for the future!
Thank you again for lending your wonderful talent to my swap.

Scrap for Joy said...

I'm smitten with the pattern of African violets in the teapot. I haven't embroidered for many years but this one is tempting me.
Good luck to your son...and you, as you venture off into this new phase of teenagehood! Yikes!
Treats all around!

GardenOfDaisies said...

I really love the violets in the teapot! I'll have to download that one. Thanks for sharing the patterns.