Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I will warn you now the following post is photo heavy. I collaged the photos into categories to try to help but I think it might have made it worse. I do however want to thank each and every one that takes time out of their day to send me something in the mail either through the post or via the Internet. 

Deb from Garage Sale Gal sent over her darling Friendship banner. I cannot tell you how sweet each detail is. Pictures are not enough. A few sweet extras as Deb is known to do always thrill. 

The unbelievably talented Elizabeth from Creative Breathing sent over her Friendship banner. I am certain that her creations could not be reproduced to anywhere near the beauty. Gorgeous.

Erica of the Golden Egg Vintage finds the absolute best stuff at the flea market every single weekend...dang it. I was lucky enough to get an extra copy of a Jr. Rand. She tucked in a few extra goodies and I can't complain they were yummy too.

Laurie also popularly known as Magpie Ethel...sent me a Friendship banner in with one of her spuns that I purchased recently. There is a story here I will save for later, one involving spuns on a slide. Anyway, Peri joins the others with August being my birth month and Peridot the birthstone. Can you believe how cute this banner is on a Shiny Brite board no less. 

Leslie of Brookhollow Lane made these gorgeous dolls for her shop on Etsy and I could not resist the vintage linen aprons she added to them. Her work is exceptional. She added in some sweet cards and buttons and a darling pinny already hanging in my studio.

Tammy of Tammy's in Love is such a doll. She never fails to know me better than myself sometimes. Her Friendship banner made its way just as warm as she is. Just a few days later she followed it up with a package that melted my heart. A rubber squeak for my collection. Books, I can't wait to scan for you. That green glass is the same kind my Mamaw used to drink out of and I have been looking for one at the thrift for years. Darling little mending girl who looks like she needs a pincushion to rest on.

Since I cannot stay away from the postman I popped all my Friendship banners in the mail today too. All decked out in thread, thimbles and buttons along with a little note or two. 

Thank you for indulging me in sharing my good fortune. My husband loves to kid me by telling me another day another package! 


Perfectly Printed said...

All of the friendship banners are so lovely....just like the women who created them!! Such great friends we havce made in blogland!!



Each one is so unique, like each of us are! LOVE THEM!!!
Nice thrifting finds too! You do find nice treasures!
deb :)

Musings from Kim K. said...

How darling. All those details certainly capture each special blogger. In case you ever want to add another one, I'd be happy to swap too. No pressure on a timeline. I know you are getting ready for other adventures. Hugs.

vintage grey said...

Such special and sweet banners, and gifts!! Love Leslie's adorable doll!! Happy mail week, indeed!! I was wondering when your birthday is... :) xo Heather

Tammy's in Love said...

We all love you and feel like we do know you! Your blog is so sweet and who wouldn't want to send something to make you happy? You are friend indeed!


GardenOfDaisies said...

Your tag and banner swaps always look like so much fun! Each one of you is so talented!!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

1. I love the thimble on the end of your banner.
2. I love the squeak toy you got.
3. I need to hear the story about the slide.
4. I am so glad that blogland has such nice people!

busymartha said...

I've seen these on E's blog. They are all so special! Just love them, you and your friends do beautiful work Renee!

Jane said...

My, what a lot of really special mail you've received! The banners are wonderful, and all the other treasures too!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

It's so fun to see the little gifts you've been given, and all the tags that everyone has made! I'm so intimidated though! Why are all the banners so GOOD??? I've been making mine, and now I feel like I have to start over! What's with all the sewing, 3D special effects, Meri's even have working mechanisms! Ahhhh! The talent in blog land amazes me! :)

Kathy said...

Oh what a wonderful swap - each and every banner is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing all the inspiration!

Diane Mars said...

Hi Renee, Wow how do you girls find the time? I want to get working on yours a couple other gals but my time is just not there. I have a couple of Real Estate transactions that are eating up my time... hope to have an Escrow open by this weekend. And then in my spare time I am helping out at my Moms house. After my step-dad passed away she had a water pipe break! Wow we have had to help get things moved around to have the repairs done. Tonight I am babysitting so I am able to sit down and visit some of my favs. I love your Banner design. I will make some time very soon. Hugs, Diane

fee @ chipper nelly said...

another day another it! One of the things I like about my business is that most of my mail contains lovely things!
Great post Renee - and such talented friends....fee x

LBP said...

There was so much goodness in the post I had to read it three times! What a fun way to start my Thursday... Such beautiful banners. What fun extras... I love these blog ladies....



craftyles said...

I love the banners, they are so creative like the women making them. Glad you like your dolly-she looks cute in your pretty chair. I'm sure the mailman knows you by name! Blogland is a special place, isn't it? Kind of like Fairyland , minus the wicked witch.

Anonymous said...

Love the little thimble! What a sweet touch!

Chenille Cottage said...

Oh, what sweet creations! I marvel at all the talented, loving ladies that I have become a part of my day! Seeing all the generous gestures of fond friendship warms my heart! You are so deserving, darling Renee, of these creative and endearing gifts!
Have a sweeeeeet day!
Carolynn xo

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

You girls are just a-MAZING! Each one is so cute, so cute! Love the thimble detail on the one you made.

Your blog looks adorable! It's been some time since I visited and I see that some changes have been made. Would love to know who you used, if you don't mind sharing.

Happy day to you!
Thanks for the visit, too.


Unknown said...

Oh Renee!!!!!
I cannot wait to see this in person! So you!!!!! I am amazed at every one of them, aren't you? This has been such a special swap....:) Sandy

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

They are all so pretty and so sweet! Such a lovely swap, what a very happy mail week this is!! xo Holly