Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back at my door...

Oh my goodness I nearly fell apart today as I took my youngest to middle school for her camp day. The day the sixth graders get the lay of the land. The excitement of lockers and lunch rotations. She was up fretting over her outfit and painting nails worried about if she would see one of her friends. It didn't hit me until she got out of the car and walked into the school. She didn't even look back and wave. She ran straight into the arms of her friends giggling with all flustered...I drove directly to an estate sale for comfort.

While we were driving through five states for our vacation I was stitching away on these little linen pieces. 

Small vintage nursery embroidery images that still had some transfer in them were so fun to work with.

I am hoping to finish these up and get them in the shop by next Friday.  Fingers crossed.

Just to mix it up a bit I threw in some of Barbara's gorgeous feed sacks to paper piece.
A future pillow?

While in Michigan I snuck away from the family for a few hours to run through an antique store in Traverse City. This image melted my heart.

Alright now if you live in Kansas you can't get these Oz books this cheap!

Over sized books that are in mint condition. Merrill Co. publications.

Merry Mailman with a bow tie and this sunshine and rain school book...wait till you see the images.

I nearly lost it in the store when I came across this picture book of 26 Christmas cards to cut out and use.

An impeccably stitched baby blanket.
Bonnie Blue lost her shoe.

Its the little things...a wave...fairy tales...jolly Santa...tiny quilts.

Headed back to another Estate Sale tomorrow for more comfort.


Ruby Jean said...

Oh I LOVE all your finds. I actually just found an OLD stack of Hexagons that I cut 11 yrs ago. And let's just say they are not all perfect!! I was going to be posting on them. :) Who can resist Little Toot!!! I love that cartoon.

Blessed Serendipity said...

Cheer up Mama. You know that your baby still loves you. At least there was an estate sale to help cheer you up. I love your finds. Good luck at the next sale.


Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

Brings back memories when my kids went off to camp, they always had so much fun! Cute finds!

Sarah said...

Oh man, middle school. All is not lost mama, as a former middle school teacher I remember a LOT of crying. A LOT. Surely they need mom for some of that crying? :-)

birdie blue said...

welcome back, my friend! glad you had such a wonderful time in michigan! lake michigan is filled with beautiful sand beaches on that side of the lake, for pretty rocks, stones, etc. you need to visit the wisconsin side of things. can i just say how darling your beautiful children are? so sweet...

onto your fabulous finds, love the vintage books and that baby blanket, to-die-for! if you're making a hexie pillow, put me at the top of your list should you decide to sell in on etsy.

i hope your youngest had a fabulous sixth grade 'camp day' orientation. so old, yet so young at the same time.


Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm sympathizing with your middle school angst. I just want to keep my girls in certain age rangers forever. We're definitely lost souls. I have the exact same Little Toot album. I'm so glad you were able to sneak away to one of my favorite antique stores, even if the prices aren't always the most friendliest. Can't wait to see what estate sale treasures are waiting for you.

vintage grey said...

Oh, I love those sweet bunnies and your hexes!! I just took out some paper pieces to start making some hexie flowers. Love all your great finds! I would have lost it seeing all those Christmas cards!! ;) Have fun tomorrow! xo Heather

Tammy's in Love said...

DING! DING! DING! That's a lot of comfort, '[hope you are feeling better now, Mama! Too much more comfort and you'll need a trip to the ATM!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

That is the perfect spot to forget your worries and get some comfort. And off she goes to middle school...

love the Merry Mailman book...wish my mailman looked that dapper.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

That is the perfect spot to forget your worries and get some comfort. And off she goes to middle school...

love the Merry Mailman book...wish my mailman looked that dapper.

Unknown said...

Comfort in Estate sales is way better than comfort in food!! Love your treasures!! It is hard seeing your kids grow up. I cried like a baby when my daughter, a new mama, dropped me off at the airport...Crying so hard I couldn't even see the sky cap help me with my bags!!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh yes, as our chicks leave the nest, the reality of them spouting wings becomes such a harsh reality. Something to make you laugh: hubby use to drop the boys off at school and they'd act all cool and stuff as they got out of the Jeep...and then while hubs was driving away, he'd honk the horn and yell out "by guys" and wave to them like a total dork. It became a family joke from then on.

Renee, you found some adorable pieces. Thank God we have an outlet, eh?


PS: come see what Keren did!!!!!!
still in the works, but!!!

Shabby Brocante, Karen said...

"I drove directly to an estate sale for comfort." Best line/quote ever. Oh, that made my night. Poor thing. I swear I can't wait for both of mine to be in middle school or high school even, but I am sure it will be emotional at first. Hang in there and get lots of goodies tomorrow!

Mecky said...

Your projects looks wonderful! I wondered if you were stitching while you traveled!
You found some great books and that little girl piece has got to be the best find! Oh and I have seen some of the Sunshine graphics. Those books are fun to look through!
The weatherman said you all are cooler than us. Enjoy and be sure to send it this way!!

Kathy said...

Oh Renee, watching your little one find her wings. I predict you have prepared her well. Glad you had your muse to turn to for comfort. And she has YOU!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Hey there! The family pics from your vacation were so cute. I hope you feel restored!
Those books would fit in perfectly on my book shelf you know. And man is that little Bonnie Blue cute!
I just started some hexagon paper pieces! I had to watch a YOUTUBE tutorial because I always wondered if you were supposed to leave the paper in there! HaHa!!
THAT would make quite a comfy pillow wouldn't it?
Can't wait to see the finished pieces in your shop! :)

busymartha said...

Retail therapy seems to cure everything! And we do have to keep the economy up! My youngest is 21 and lives in Kamloops BC (interior), while we live on Victoria Island. That is a two hour ferry ride and then a good four hour drive. Thank goodness it's just middle school and she comes home everyday!
Love the boat cover, adorable!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Great books and I love that book of Christmas cards! There's a tug at my memory over that one. I may be thinking of Valentine's that you could get like that.

vivian said...

welcome home! I remember those days.. getting ready to send the kids back to school. it was sort of exciting! buying new clothes and new school supplies..
And luckily (unlike their mother who HATED school) my kids all looked forward to going back and liked school!
In some ways, I would love to go back to those days!
have fun!!

LBP said...

How well I remember those days! How quickly they pass by! Those images to cut out and use are the bomb! OMG! Who had that book and didn't use those???

Estate sale therapy... should be covered by our health insurance!

craftyles said...

WHat a treasure trove of goodies! The books and the little vintage linen-oh my. I love what you're working too. Middle school is an adjustment for you both, but I know you'll survive.Besides there's always more estate sales just in case!

Anonymous said...

Traverse! That's where we would go to do our "big" shopping! My eldest son has been all over the world but Traverse is still his favorite city!

Wonderful treasures you got there, too. I remember my boys being afraid of the storm on Little Toot. :)

Your embroidered bunnies are just darling! ♥

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

All these sweet finds should cheer you up a bit :) Love your new stitches you created on your trip, they're just darling! Those feed sack hexis are soooo pretty! I think I would have lost it when finding all those cute vintage Christmas cards!! :) Hope you have fun at the sale tomorrow, xo Holly

Unknown said...

Renee, It sounds as though you had just the vacation you hoped for. Blue skies and even bluer water. It is so wonderful to see these familiar places through someone elses eyes. Your embroidery project is just adorable, and your Bonnie Blue has found the perfect new home. We missed you, and we are so glad you are back! Elizabeth

Nan said...

Oh those linen books in the large format are my favorites. I have a Favorite Stories that has that fairy on the cover I found on Etsy it was a long lost book of mine and I got it back. Your embroidery work is so sweet I love what you are making.

Unknown said...

I remember that day so well, almost embarrassed that I had drove him to school, I wish I had estate sales back then I knew I just went to Target! :)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

My hubby knows if ever Im blue, its off to search for treasures! hehe

We totally have one heart my dear! :D

Chenille Cottage said...

Dearest Renee,
Oh, I'm sure that every Mother has these tearful moments. It's one of the many things we Moms have in common. When our "babies" don't look back...we realize that they are moving into a place of new found independence. When my youngest left for Marine Corps Boot Camp in Parris Island, SC I found myself crying at the drop of a hat. One day, I was listening on my car radio to "Focus on the Family" while out running errands. Dr. James Dobson was sharing about the difficult struggle he had when his son went off to college. It was just what the doctor ordered. I realized that I was normal...and, yes, that Dad's struggle, too.
Keep your chin up, my dear friend. You are, obviously, doing something right in raising your darling daughter. She is demonstrating a healthy self confidence and zest for life.
Keep smiling,
I'm so glad you're back...I've missed you!

donna said...

School days brings back so many memories. If I could just go back in time. You found some great things. Your stitching is just beautiful.

SLR said...

well in about 10 years i will be living this with my daughter i am sure! ;)
love your finds - the books are incredible! mostly i love how passionate and excited about vintage you are...i can totally relate!!!

Barbara said...

I'm always amazed when people can sew/knit/crochet/read in the car ... boy, not me! Your embroidered pieces are wonderful - and thank you for the peek at the hexagons - seeing those prints is like seeing old friends!