Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Estate Sale Finds

I've been singing a sweet little tune this week with the cute little treasure I found.  There were a lot of different little pieces that I hadn't seen before.   A few things that I have seen over and over and a number of things that were overpriced.  Sure hope this isn't a new trend in pricing...if it is I'm going to need a new hobby.

This sale had a plethora of prize ribbons except they were all up high and I wasn't able to reach.  These are the only one I could get my hands on.  Neat little fireplace with the Woolworth price tag still on the bottom.  I can't wait to dress it up for Christmas.

Some wonderful school workbooks with great graphics.  Pictures of kids praying and saying the Pledge of Allegiance can you even imagine that now...and the cursory tape measure.

A hand painted nursery set and candy container.  I loved the embroidery on the baby dress.

Just a couple of cards.  They had a fantastic old scrapbook but it was priced at $60...at an estate sale that seems so high.  I would have spent $30 at most.  Maybe I am cheap.  I'm good with that.
It looks like the weather is turning from good to worse for the rest of the week so the rest of the week will be spent inside the studio crafting with my cheap finds!


Musings from Kim K. said...

I adore that fireplace and those lovely school work books. Actually, everything you scooped up would have been in my arms too. I share your pain for winter weather. HUGS!!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

The fireplace is great! I passed on some vintage baby cards last week as the price was too high (as if I don't have enough as it is too) Always amazed at some of the prices I see on items at sales...c'mon!

Unknown said...

Hi Renee! I am giggling at the ribbons. Are they for fish? You do know I have a blog mascot who is a fish. He definitely needs his own award winning ribbon. Too cute! Such great finds. Have a great week! Elizabeth

Sentimentally Me said...

Love love LOVE those treasures :)
That fireplace is too cute ~ heck, I love anything with a Woolworth's sticker on it :)